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Books by Katherine Krige

Roughing it in Africa

Roughing it in Africa

Roughing it in Africa:

Roots, Roads, and Revelations

As 1995 wound to a close, Katherine Krige prepared to leave home. Her father died when she was five years old, but she had always dreamed of learning more about him and where he came from.

With university behind her, she aimed to find out. The trick was that his hometown was 13,000 kilometers away.

After a few letters to long-lost kin, a plan was put in motion. She gathered a passport, planned some initial adventures, and gamely left her old life behind. As soon as she stepped off the plane in Cape Town though, those plans quickly began to fall apart. Over the next several months, she learned more about her father’s homeland, and herself, as she trekked across Southern Africa. It wasn’t always easy, but growth never is.

Take a leap of faith and join Katherine as she explores her fears, sheds some tears, makes new friends, meets family, and experiences an incredible, life-changing journey that spanned 10 countries over 10 months. Grab a backpack… let’s go!

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Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves:

A Memoir of Love, Loss, & Grief

After returning from a 10-month trip through Africa, I was keen to keep travelling. The world awaited and teaching English overseas seemed the perfect way to do so. That is until I met Brad, and everything changed. Girl meets boy, falls in love, and happily ever after looms on the horizon. Until a fateful phone call changes the journey all over again.

This is a trip that no one wants to take, but far too many people do. I went from a newlywed with a baby in tow to the overwhelming world of the local cancer clinic, intensive treatments, and a spiralling of life as I knew it. While hope never waned, loss was on the horizon.

This is a heartbreaking and intensely personal grief memoir exploring love and loss, but more importantly the road to healing. I ask you to walk with me as I try to make sense of it all, with the hope of discovering a new path to forge. Why? Because you are never alone. A journey shared, no matter the struggle, is a voyage from which you can survive, learn, and grow. If you have ever questioned or doubted your path, take my hand and walk with me as we “Ride the Waves” together. 

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